Hi TO.. Gutsy move to post on my thread.... wink
I'm so glad you did..(thanks for knocking first) That meant a lot to me.

Did you notice how when you gave him the one word answer of "okay" when he told you he was getting rid of his truck that you got him thinking what is up with her. This then caused him to bring up a relationship talk didn't it..

That's what I have been saying.. Be more quiet, in your own world, if he talks, be polite, short answers that get right to the point, then shut up and go back to whatever you were doing... Great job..

He had sent me a text saying he was getting rid of his truck. I just replied with okay. Later last night while he was on the couch he said that's it's really nice that I don't even care he's getting rid of his truck. I asked him why he thought that? He said because all you said was okay. You didn't say anything else like it doesn't even matter.

Justin Credible