Okay let me clarify

In 2011 we moved across the state for a great opportunity making just over 6 figures. It was a large corporation. H was unhappy there so ex boss (with OW) had been trying to get H to work for him forever. So in 2012 we moved back to our hometown (we have always owned a home here and just had it empty while we lived across the state). It was an initial paycut (50%) but I was working and ex boss said it was temporary and that in 6 months he would get a 30% raise. That NEVER happened. H left ex boss job temporarily in 2013 to go back to the larger corporation (they have locations all over). This caused him to drive my commute (about 100 miles round trip). The money wasn't great so H ended up going back to ex boss until DB

Current boss is also a friend that has his own company. Paid H the same he was making for ex boss. Except there is no potential for extra money. At ex boss he could work extra and make a good amount of money to supplement his income. Current boss is not as busy so no opportunity for extra hours/money.

Whew that was a lot and confusing. I'm sorry for my soap opera life!

The step mother was NOT mortified. She and her H (ex boss) fully funded H and XOW R. Stepmother took photos of herself in the keys posing in front of a vehicle of mine that H had given them to drive on vacation. She posted a photo the day my L was in court with H's L to get the vehicles returned. Also, when H told them XOW was the biggest mistake of his life, stepmom and Ex boss text messaged H (I saw) that he should cool off and they knew he and XOW could work things out. That they missed hanging out the 4 of them ... How funny it used to be the 4 of us hanging out, now just replace me with their daughter lol. You are right. It's NOT relevant entirely. However this is an example of why I don't want H working there in that environment. They are not good people for our M.

And yes my problem with them started at BD. I was unhappy with his job that ex boss never gave H the pay increase he promised but it was the only thing in his field close to home at the time so we compromised on that.

And yes unfortunately I left the money situation. Up to my H and that's my fault but I am trying to resolve it. It's a double edged sword bc I don't want to affect his current work and I also don't want it to appear negative towards me with having him be angry with me about it BUT at the same time I need to stand firm and have it resolved.

Raliced - thank you. Financials was what C was starting to get into at our last meeting. H's problem with debt is that what is going out monthly is greater than what he brings in. So he is short and can't afford everything. I pay more of the household expenses so unless he has more bills than he's letting on it doesn't make sense

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