25 I haven't really had a problem with R with his boss's. I try not to get involved in his work too much. We were very close with ex boss and his wife. Double dates, family vacations, they were in our wedding, etc. He and H were friends long before H started working for them (they met through work being in the same business). My R with them turned sour when BD came. After learning the things their daughter was saying to my H and learning that ex boss W (OW stepmom) knew the whole time and lied to me about knowing anything (her and I talked, went to lunch etc after BD... She swore she knew nothing).

So that's where that problem started. I also personally believe in don't mix business with pleasure. H seems to do that too much with these last 2 jobs and it doesn't end well. Current boss and his wife are also friends of ours since H and I met. They are having SEVERE money problems which is probably why she lashed out on me. H believes they spent all the money they owe and don't have it but won't admit to that.

I just want the issue resolved. It's been going on since September and at this point I really need the money. Now with them shorting him 2 weeks of pay I really feel like we are getting into a hole with them and their lack of funds. I really am fine with them even giving me 100/month or whatever they can afford I just want something on paper that covers me. If it were less money I would brush it off but that is a pretty decent amount of cash to me right now.

M 31 H 34
S 6 S 9
BD 2/14 Piecing 8/14