[quote=T0324]I don't think he would say that 25. He is a coward. Exactly why he had to send me that through text last night about the job. Exactly why he could never admit to OW and why he never even told me he filed for D. He takes the easy, non confrontational way out. That's why he slept on the couch last night to avoid confrontation.

OMG, I so wish conflict avoiders would learn that conflict exists regardless of whether it's confronted. Conflict Is still there! I am certain that "avoiding" conflict resolves ZERO conflicts, but I also think it makes situations worse.

Unresolved conflicts fester, get misconstrued, and resentments grow. That worsens things too. So much for avoiding the conflicts...

it's like they believe avoiding (= merely Delaying) that weird awkward moment that comes with someone asserting themselves or confronting an issue of disagreement, is worth it.

They forget or fail to realize that a much larger conflict with a lot more emotional "heat," is looming, the longer they delay facing reality.

M: 57 H: 60
M: 35 yrs
H off to Alaska 2006
Recon 7/07- 8/08
X = "ALASKA 2.0"
I File D 10/16
DIV 2/26/2018
X marries OW 5/2016

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