Ya actually I don't know if I mentioned this but his current boss owe us about 5k. I've been trying to get ahold of them to get the cash but they have been avoiding me. His wife (the bookeeper) finally text me tonight. Basically being a b!tch. I went out there and let H know I talked to her and the conversation. He was just like okay we will see how it goes tomorrow. I said I was as nice and easy going as I could be.

He just said oh well. I told him I am not trying to create a problem for you(I cleared it with him a few weeks ago for me to reach out to them) he told me it was fine for me to talk to them about it. I wanted to ask first because I didn't want to create a problem at work. Anyway they havent given H a paycheck for the last 2 weeks of December. This is why he's scrambling about the job.

Anyway, she told me basically that I was lying about needing the money (um it's not your money to decide if we need it or not) and that she wasn't dealing with it. Anyway so I sent H the texts of our conversation so he knew and he just said thanks.

I'm making plans if I work Thursday to go out after work.

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