I don't think he would say that 25. He is a coward. Exactly why he had to send me that through text last night about the job. Exactly why he could never admit to OW and why he never even told me he filed for D. He takes the easy, non confrontational way out. That's why he slept on the couch last night to avoid confrontation.

Which is why, as hard as it was, I didn't say anything but managed a goodnight to him because he expected me to be nasty or come out there and try to talk

I feel that these next couple days are going to be paramount for me. I expect him to leave but I will be so upset when it actually happens because as much as I 'think' it will happen I know I will flip out.

Him choosing to sleep on the couch shows his decision. He said he wasn't picking a job over his family but by him choosing to sleep on the couch it shows me more. He is picking *something* over me.

And you're right. I do need to be a choice, a better person. I struggle to find the balance of being the W only a fool would leave and not a pursuing doormat.

I have no GAL activities. Our lives have revolved around things with each other and our boys.

I will be hitting the gym back and re-applying for the second job I had. but most important I am starting grad school this year

Oh and ETA:

I fully do not expect him to plan family time. I actually thought about offering him to have the boys Sunday and I would have them Saturday. Any thoughts on that?

Also I'm not doing anything about an OW right now. I can't accesss phone records, nothing is indicating anything on Facebook. So there's not much I can do and right now it doesn't change my goal. If anything reveals itself in the future then I can certainly reevaluate. At this time with the facts I do have I do not want a D.

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