Hey TO, sorry you're going thru this again. Read thru your posts and see if you can find the common theme (and problem) with it.

Pretty much everything you wrote is about HIM, you can not control him, only you. Trust me I know it's hard not to focus on him. I spend much time trying to figure out H's actions still, but you know what...I still have no idea why he is doing anything.

Keep this in mind, only one person in the world can make you happy...YOU! I don't think your H has figured that out yet. He's stressed about $$ and feeling tons of pressure. He is gravitating back to people and things he thinks are going to make him happy, that is a reflection on him...not you!

Me-44 (45)
H- 50 (51)


BD Feb 2014 (he works overseas)
home Oct(sep rooms)
(EAs possible Pa's unconfirmed)
insists wants D through July 2015
no more talk of D since