Previous thread will probably be locked soon. No contact with H. My mom wants me to text him again about C saying if he is in this marriage at all I would like him to come. I'm not really sure.

I don't think there's any turning back from this. He is the man he was when he first left in February. He slept in today and my dad had to take the boys to school. He has stopped caring about anything unless it's for him.

I have been jotting things down to discuss at counseling ... Even just for me alone. These are the things that I feel or the way he makes me feel.

I feel like he Just doesn't care ... Doesn't drive the kids to school.. Worried about what's good for him.

Told me he's secretive about his phone because he doesn't want me going through it getting numbers out trying to talk to people --- I've never done that. Talked inappropriately with her before he left the first time. I should be able to look at his phone whenever.

I feel that he Cannot be around people that supported his relationship with her, him working there is like a slap in my face. He could go work anywhere... Go work at McDonald's for all I care. Any job but there. That was the only dealbreaker to keep

Stress shouldn't stop him from making our marriage a priority. I'm stressed but still work, want my marriage, etc.

His actions make me fear he will just not come home or having a relationship with someone else when he is distant

He lived the single life, now back to life with responsibilities. Took on too much at once

Why can't he respect my feelings

How can he agree to my deal breakers and then change his mind and not agree with them. Just doing what he had to do to come home

No date nights

Miserable.. Not outgoing. Makes me feel like a burden. A huge change from who he was.

What changed??

Feel like he doesn't share his life with me. Doesn't express what's wrong or talk to me about the problems he has he just lets everything build up and builds resentment towards me
Feel like his friends come before me. He's more concerned about them then me

No discussing between us he made the choice

Where is the man tha was happy to see me. That was excited about spending time with me. I used to get a text everyday. Now I get nothing

Anyway those are my thoughts that are jotted down.

I don't believe there is coming back from this. I think I just need to let go and proceed with my lawyer.

I don't know what my next step should be.