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Plans came to a screeching hault. My grandma is in ICU where she lives a few states away. My mom is driving up there now. H is still not home and haven't received a text from him.

Trying to keep my blood from boiling over. He just relinquishes all parent duties. Comes home whenever he wants because he knows the boys are taken care of. A courtesy text or SOMETHING would be nice.

So much for my GAL plan.

If he does come home I will not be trying to talk to him. No good will come out of me tonight. I sent him a text saying my grandma was in the ICU and didn't get a response.

I'm going to be leaving the house tomorrow with the boys to go strawberry picking and to do who else knows what.

Do I offer him to go? I feel kind of bitchy if I just leave.

I was thinking of saying. The boys and are leaving at X time to go pick strawberries if you'd like to come and leaving it at that.

I'm still just stunned... I know I shouldn't be. But the way he has shut me out so quickly for reasons he can't even tell me. I just feel like time has rewound and we are repeating last year

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