Allow S his own way with W.

S is eleven, you will be adding extra stress by encouraging him to expose his feelings to W. He trusts you, he talks to you. W is wayward, inconsistent and has been less than truthful. Would you as S really want to be open to W?

S is very brave to talk to HP about all of this, and he knows you are proud of him?

Let S work his way with W, it will be as it will be. If S is in any stress he will tell you, listen validate hug and love.

Just validate his feelings, don't acknowledge a thing W says to him, just note it as said and you are sure she loves him.

Boundaries on the care of S are yours to address with W, but not S feelings unless he agrees. s should always know when you have discussed his sitch with W and the result (as far as you can). Schedules are adult stuff but S does have some options too. As many as you can make, a walk or a film? pizza or curry? A hug or a fight? Blue or black pjs? A sleepover or a snooze fest?

Oh and a GAL schedule please!

HP it may not feel like you are doing well to you, but I really see this differently.
Vast changes in HP and so much anger replaced with love. It brims over, the sad times are part of that too but they grow us as loving adults.
Better days each day

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