This spew stuff isn't easy. I know I get a lot of it. Unfortunately it isn't always about teaching someone how to behave towards you.

It could be that W is drinking or losing control through other means, so care in watching for that.

Please ensure that you keep a sample of the spew, especially voicemails and over time to establish a pattern. My L was astounded at my recordings of H abuse and this may be important when your sitch is reviewed. This is precautionary for you and I hope that you may not need it, but it is good if you have this. You can download it as MP3 and provide to L if like me you don't want this in your possession.

No matter what your needs then S cannot be let with an abusive mother. Your close relationship with S is very strong so you can judge if he is at risk.

It is truly awful to be the subject of this but I believe it is occurring because you are getting stronger and stronger. Take the high road and be civil and overly polite but as Starsky says enforce boundaries.

I find this comes in waves and usually matches H drinking patterns. I will not be abused and my boundary is "when you speak to me in this way H, then I donot want to connect or communicate with you and if you Swear/abuse me then I will hang up the phone/walk out of the room/ go elsewhere".
Your boundary will be different of course.

HP you are doing really well indeed.
Rest and GAL

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