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Text from W... "HP, I said awful things to you today. Just terrible. I don't recognize the woman who behaved that way. I so sorry for speaking to you like that. I am deeply ashamed of myself. You don't deserve that from me.
I hope you can excuse my behavior. It won't happen again."

Is there nothing I can say to her? Just another truth dart in exchange for more horrible spew?

Yes, I would. Something like "(Wife), you have said this several times now. As we both teach (S11), talk is cheap. Actions are what count, and you keep repeating these actions over and over. If you are truly sorry, that won't happen again. That CAN'T keep happening again and again. "

M57 W 57; D30 D28 S24 S20 GD7 GD2 GD1 GD5m GD1m
BD 5/07; W's affair 5/07-8/07

At the end of every hard-earned day, people gotta find some reason to believe. (Bruce Springsteen)