HP, you're a man after my own heart today! I feel my PMA has taken a nose dive lately. I felt I was doing so well before Xmas, but then I had the flu, and I haven't felt quite right since, and I moved into my own place and was all excited about it, but it is hard living alone again.

I haven't even had any negative interractions with H to prompt it. I think it is just depths of winter blues and the generally horrible sitch. Like you, I need to get the GAL and PMA going again, but sometimes it just feels like pushing a rock up a mountain.

We'll get there though HP - day at a time...hope you enjoyed your run ;-)

T 13 M 7
Me 48 H 46
SS 15
BD 7.14 PA
D final 5.16 (H filed)

We receive & we lose, and must try to achieve gratitude & embrace with whole hearts whatever of life that remains after the losses - Dubus