Whenever I log on I think, I should do it more often!!! About fb messenger.. I find it incredibly aggravating!

As I'm typing, I'm staring at me Christmas tree with the lights that have been on since this afternoon. I have every single one of my Christmas lights on because... It makes me happy.

You are like the "white" version of me. Lol. I I mean that in a totally loving way. Lol.

This darker moments.. I think it's normal. The important thing is that your have insight. Don't dwell on it.. Make a mental note and if it ever gets worse (and hopefully it never does) then we are always here for you.

I have never doubted that you are a good mom. I'm not quite sure what's going on with your younger son and the evaluation you're waiting for.. I am a little familiar with some of the questions you've been discussing with him because it sounds like similar to a questionnaire I had to fill out for my S. I'm not sure if these things are different between Canada and the US...

There are moments where I think.. I am a terrible mother. My child is struggling in school and I just can not sit there every single day to help him with his reading and writing. I feel like it is all my fault because I try but sometimes it's frustrating beyond belief. I'm a bad mom because I don't force them to eat enough vegetables.. I'm a bad mom because sometimes I just say to them.. "Don't talk to me! I just need 10 minutes of silence!". But is this really true? And is this a fair assessment?

You have been there since the beginning. You work to provide for them. You keep them safe. They are fed and healthy. And the love you have for them.... I'm just saying.. Don't beat yourself up. I can see that you're an amazing woman who is also an incredible mom.

Just to prove that you're not the only one... Do you know what we had for dinner tonight? McD's. lol!!!! Exhausted from the big dinner yesterday that I just didn't want to cook.

Merry Christmas Ad!!!

Me:38.. H:33.
Two beautiful kids S:6 D:3
M:8.. together for 11.
Bomb dropped:10/17/11