Hello Ggrass. Yes thank you for your comment. After everything horrible she's done... I find wet noodle me still likes when she sends a positive contact. That, after cursing me like a crazy person today, that she could ask to have lunch with me and S11 is still too much. I know it's for her to feel good about what's happening to S11. So I know I must ignore that for now as per LRT and Wonka's to do list.

Still... I was friendly and got 2 friendly responses. Wet noodle me loves that mess. James Bond me knows that's not at all positive in my case. My W has been just too horrible and I know that I can't give her kindness in return for her misbehavior.

She did text me again if I was OK with having S11 on his birthday. James Bond me sent an appropriate cordial response... "Yes that is fine. Thank you W." Then I went farther... "I should say... S11 didn't like to not see you on Christmas." I should have said he was sad and upset to not see her. His words.

She replies "Yes he told me. I didn't like it either." I didn't reply to fix or suggest anything. She said nothing else. I hate hate hate this. She is really lost if she is just "not liking" missing S11's Christmas and birthday and doing nothing about it.

So later, she sends me a picture of S11 in a cool cap she got for him tonight. I admit, I had a drink and felt friendly, so I soon after replied... "Nice hat. Thank you for taking care of S11 W." She replies something like... "Have a good night. Thank you for being a great dad to S11."

And I did not like that. Did not like being that friendly with this person who just a few hours ago screamed at the top of her lungs that I was a MoFo and knew she was wrong to do it. And yes I save all those VM and texts where she admits her A. This state has fault divorce after all.

I know Wonka and Sandi and Starsky have this right... while my W is so so very wayward and disrespectful and lying, I can't do nice communications like this in response to her screaming curses at all. She only gets respectful and apologizes and seems to recognize that she is now completely unrecognizable when she goes over the top angry responding to me standing my ground and calling her sh!t stink. She's not proven to be someone I should be paying any attention to beyond S11 emergencies. I will not excuse her spew this morning and will give her the chance to examine why, as she says, she "did not recognize the woman" who cursed me while I was showing my son a wonderful morning.

Anyway... I have a new GAL on Friday nights starting in January. Tango lessons. I'll send a cordial text to W tomorrow asking her politely how she feels about Friday nights with S11. I'll also schedule some weekly acting classes, indoor soccer league games, regular gym sessions, and rock climbing time with S11 next week. I will GAL for real and for me.

Hmmm... again I see my post is all about W. Admittedly, I did not go out and GAL tonight. My fault. Tomorrow night I'll take S11 bowling!

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