Movie with S11 was good. I little too long. Had a character obsessed with gold... So much he changed and gave up is honor for it. He was strong enough in the end to break free from his "sickness" and rejoin his people. A nice dream.


Text from W... "HP, I said awful things to you today. Just terrible. I don't recognize the woman who behaved that way. I so sorry for speaking to you like that. I am deeply ashamed of myself. You don't deserve that from me.
I hope you can excuse my behavior. It won't happen again."

Nothing I can do. Like the character, doesn't see what she's doing. Doesn't care. Months and years of this. And she's right... I'm avoiding her with this LRT. What does she think I can face her with. More manipulation. So what?

She'll be here to get S11 acting like nothing happened. Acting like she hasn't been acting insane. Like her dream is worth all her hell.

Is there nothing I can say to her? Just another truth dart in exchange for more horrible spew?

I'll tell myself "so what?" This time and just keep going.

I do agree with her.. I don't recognize this woman either.

She just seems so unpredictable to me still.

Anyway... Back to my life.

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S: 11
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BD: 9/29/2014
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