Getting ready for the rest of my day with S11.

One thing about the avoider comment from W... It is true that I dismissed her or got defensive in our R talks over the years. I did not fight with her or cause her to scream at me like have done now. I would prefer to handle difficulties on my own rather than get her involved b/c I didn't like to deal with her emotions. So what she said is true... I did avoid conflict in our R.

I don't know if there's anything I can do about that now in LRT. She keeps bashing on me to answer her calls and texts immediately. Keeps saying I'm not acting like and adult and other negative things which she feels resentment towards me on. I do feel like I'm letting her know what she needs to know... just on my schedule and in my way. If that's the way to do this to make my goal possible like I believe it is... then I'll keep doing what I feel is right for me and S11 and frustrating her like this. If I need to make myself more clear about communications by sending advina's script on that... then I will do so.

But, looking ant Wonka's LRT to do list, just being courteous and brief... answering in a few minutes important S11 questions would be the right thing to do. She's going to find reasons to do what she just did. Sometimes she'll thank me for being a great dad... other times she'll freak b/c no one answers her calls and the thought that we are fine and happy without her maybe hurts her. Oops mind reading.

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