Christmas 2014 is my first day of pitch black LRT with my wayward W.

I did not talk to or send her a text her today. I ignored a FB friend request from her today. I ignored her "Merry Christmas HP" text and all other texts from her today.

My son, amazingly, did not see his mom today. We were scheduled to split his time today. The change was hers. S11 and I had a great day and evening.

Now she texts and asks, on her days left with S11 this month, that she only keeps him for a few hours during the day and, at night, drops him back here with me b/c, she says, he has nothing to do there with her and she's packing up the house.

I'm may respond with "Please keep him on your nights thanks." I need to start GAL again. Or maybe I find GAL to do with S11 in the evenings b/c S11 may not want to stay with her too much.

Tonight she did not text him a good night message and it is 11:30 PM on Christmas. After I tucked him in and said our prayer for our many blessings and for his mom... I asked him if he wanted to text his mom good night. He said no. He said he is sad and upset that she didn't come to see him today. I told him how sorry I feel about that, that his mom loves him and we love her, and that his mom would want to know how he feels.

She did, though, send me a text this evening thanking me for making Christmas special for S11. She really appreciates it and all I do for our son. I said "So what?" to myself.

Don't be surprised or outraged by what she does or says.

Let it go.

Let her go.

Me: 44
W: 45
S: 11
Married: 15
Together: 18
BD: 9/29/2014
OM discovered: 10/16/2014
I left her behind: 12/14/2014