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"Always do the right thing by S11"

^^^^^ THIS. This needs to be what guides you.

Can you be strong enough to put your hurt aside for his sake?? To show him that he does not need to be in the middle? That even though his parents have split up and hurt each other, they can still rise above it and put on a brave face to give him some happy holiday memories? What message would it send to your wife if you could do that?

Hello Claire. Thank you for the push. It would be strong to do that... just think of S11 and do Christmas with her. Right now I don't want to Claire. Right now, I can't get past what she's done the past few months. The way she looked at me and smiled at me friendly when I knew nothing. She slept in my bed with me. Gave me hope with promises of MC and seeing where it goes. Leaving me and S11 to spend the night with her "girlfriend."

What would it say if, after all that, after this morning, that I could be strong enough to put that aside just for S11. If I could just do it just for him... not caring about the message to my W.

I can't keep being hurt can I? I can't DB and detach and help my son and one day years from now be attractive to my W or anyone other woman if I keep being hurt.

Another decision.

Me: 44
W: 45
S: 11
Married: 15
Together: 18
BD: 9/29/2014
OM discovered: 10/16/2014
I left her behind: 12/14/2014