I'm sorry that this is happening. Your W has heard your position and she's talking like a WAW.

After Christmas, you need to go PITCH black dark and in full LRT mode. What this entails is the following:

1) No more talks (like the latest text exchange)
2) No more responding to texts UNLESS it involves S11
3) When you have S11, W must respect your time and not blow up your phone
4) When W has S11, get out of the house and do something for you
5) Join Meet Up groups
6) Put a stop to W using S11's phone to get through to you immediately when she does it
7) Focus on logistics on S11 related matters only
8) Be cordial when responding to W's texts or emails..short and on topic

STFU on any R talks or be roped into one. Use this mantra again to W to nip it in the bud: "You know my stance/position on this matter and I'm not wavering from it at all. If you want a D, you'll need to file as I will not stand in your way."

It's time to crank your GAL activities into high gear after the holidays.