Even more response... "And I am sorry I hurt you whether you believe it or not."

So what.

She IS sorry she is hurting you. You aren't listening...
Would you rather her say she isn't sorry you are hurting?

Very few people I know, when breaking up with someone, are not sorry they hurt you. Can't you understand that?

If you start to ever see another woman and then decide she isn't for you, and she is hurt, will you not be sorry that you are hurting her? Will you go back into the relationship if it isn't for you just because you are hurting her...

Please see the reality here and get your emotions under control. She feels pity for you. This is because you are coming across as emotionally weak. And you wonder why she isn't attracted back to you?

Please do a 180 here and get your emotions under control. You said you were going NC for 90 days and all I keep seeing is back and forth texting and relationship talk..

She's sorry. That can be true. It doesn't mean she wants back into the relationship. Texting her things to tell her that if she was truly sorry she wouldn't be doing what she is doing just don't work.. Take it for what it is.... She knows you are hurting and she feels bad for it..

Justin Credible