I'm very tired.

After a minute more response... "The last thing I want to do is insult or disrespect you. I really don't. By no matter what I say that is how you feel. HP you know we have been in trouble for so long. Lets try to be kind to each other as we work through seperating. It will be hard but I think once we accept the reality that we are in a different place we can begin to heal. And learn to co parent S11. I regret this has to happen at this time. But I am firm in my belief that we are no longer able to be together."

Though she's insulted and disrespected me for months.

I will try to find some peace and joy.

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Me: 44
W: 45
S: 11
Married: 15
Together: 18
BD: 9/29/2014
OM discovered: 10/16/2014
I left her behind: 12/14/2014