I hope you will remember to really step back and let W deal with her own emotions on hearing from S11 how all of this is affecting him. I is their relationship and boy she isn't liking how this is impacting everyone.

Then you just had to blow a gasket which diverted W's attention away from the damage she's causing to the family on to your angry tirade and she's off to the races firing back at you. What was lost in all of the angry exchange was a teachable moment for W. A missed opportunity here. Of course, what will happen is that W will be reflecting on what a jerk you were instead of her son's distress by her very poor choice.

Do you see why we all hammer home on the importance of not acting/reacting on one's emotions? That just sets you back several steps like the Chutes and Ladder game.
It can be much more difficult to regain lost ground with your W. It'll probably set you back by a week.

Take a break and regroup.

We're here to support you. Never fear that we'll just disappear. Chin up, buddy.