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I am sorry that you're in a bad place right now. What the hell happened? What was the real root of the trigger that led you in the R talk briar?? Did the pressure cooker blow for you?

Hello Wonka...

First, S11 just woke up moaning and sleepwalking a little. He does that under stress. He heard me yelling at his mom then. He's back in bed. I'll watch him.

Yes, S11 called her tonight and finally told her his feelings... that he wants her to come back and all this is stressing him out.

She then called me sad and teary. Talking about what S11 said and how sad it is. I can't really remember what it was. I got angry and just let her have all of it. Just how horrible she's been to us. How could she talk about being sad after all that. How I left her for my sanity and to protect S11. I really made her out to be the bad guy which got her sobbing and turning it back on me and how I left her a man sized hole that OM filled and then on and on and back and forth. I did not hold back the whole time in my head saying to stop.

That's what happened. I got mad that she was just sad that S11 was sad.

She be here to pick up S11 in the morning. She wants us to be civil around S11 b/c there's nothing else to do. Nothing else to say. This is where we are and if I say otherwise I'm not hearing her feelings.

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