Let me repeat what I've said and what others have said: you're very impressive. I'm always surprised when you sound pessimistic because I see your witch as one of the most promising ones.

Because I can't help being in solution mode, let me give you two tips for the meals, this coming from someone who wasn't cooking at all three years ago and who now cooks every day (with kids!).

1. Set a weekly menu. Eat the same thing every Monday, Tuesday, etc. Cooking and grocery shopping become so much easier. You'll add variety later.
2. Keep spaghetti and a can of tomato soup handy. Mix the two (Add onions, salt, pepper and butter to take it to the next level). It's a life saver when you run out of food. My kids love it and I remember it as one if my favourite meal as a kid.

So, do I get a kiss?

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"You can't start a fire sitting around, crying over a broken heart" - Bruce Springsteen.