Did you accuse her of cheating before she ever had an affair? If you want my honest opinion I think your crazy for completely trusting without transparency. I think you're setting yourself up for heartbreak.

But honestly I don't agree with your decision to stop viewing porn or cave to your wife's every whim while she cake eats. ....

At some point she needs to stop putting all the blame on you, put on her big girl panties and ask YOU what it would take to have you back.

Stop being a doormat and let her pull her own weight in the relationship. You are a great guy who doesn't deserve all the blame. It's one thing to take responsibility for your own mistakes is quite another to take the garbage your wife is putting on you.

Me: 35 husband:39
Sons 16 and 11 from my first marriage
Twins 5 (boy/girl)
Daughter 3
Affair bomb 2/27/14
He moved in with ow 3/13/14
OW kicked him out 6/15/14
4/2016 he seeks help for sexual addiction