OMG my H's check arrived, for $3K. I texted him to find out if that was a mistake, and he said Merry Christmas. I must admit that was thoughtful and/or generous. I texted back Wow Thank You.

A bit confused but not going to ruminate on it.

I will NOT use it for the $1000 divorce coach I met at a recent workshop. I spoke to her but ultimately decided if it costs me $1000 to get off my butt then I should be smacked upside the head. I can do this. But I had a moments thought, hey now I can afford...nah.

Adinva 51, S20, S18
M24 total
6/15/11-12/1/12 From IDLY to H moving out
9/15/15-3/7/17 From negotiating SA to final D at age 50
5/8/17-now: New relationship with an old friend
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