Hi Wonka. The RH is for sale but the buyer is having problems getting financing. They pushed the closing date ahead to end of January. We need more residents. I'm sleeping at the RH nowadays. W is sleeping at home - getting a much deserved break. She's going out with girlfriends and taking it easy.

I'm taking coaching from Frame Of Mind Coaching. Giving me some valuable insights. I realize that when I get frustrated at something I throw money at it. That's an escapist approach. When I told my W that she laughed and said she should just frustrate me. We had a good laugh over that.

I'm not telling her I'm getting coaching or advice on this forum. Best just do the work and let the results speak for themselves.

Yeah, I was getting frustrated at my inability to move forward in growth so I threw money at it - the coaching isn't cheap. But I consider it a valuable endeavour.

M: 59 W: 53
M: 9 yrs
T: 14 yrs
No kids together but D30(hers), S27, S24, D21(all 3 mine)
W moved out 11/18/2013
D-Day 12/14/2013
W moved back home 12/1/2014