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I'm not too sure if a SA is the best way at this moment as all of this is new for HP and W.

I agree with Wonka here HP.

This will be the last time I bring this up, pinky promise. smile But it seems to me the difference in opinion about a S agreement has to do with whether we've experienced shared parenting or not. Am I right in seeing that Wonka and Vanilla don't have minor children that sharing applies to and Adinva and I do? If so, maybe that's the difference. It's just a perspective thing. And in the end, it doesn't matter. HP needs to choose what works for him.

HP, you are doing great. Hang in there. smile


We are pretty good with breaking some pinky promises. grin

Yeah , I don't have kids and do respect the opinions of parents here. However, it doesn't stop me form being the voice of reason and caution when reading some situations. In my mind, I do not believe that HP coming right at W with a SA at this stage is the best route for it WILL raise W's hackles and cause her to view HP negatively because they have NOT yet have tried to figure this out among themselves first.

Now is not the time to go gangbusters on W and make everyone unhappy. I really like Starsky's suggestion because it allows them to try this out without resorting to SA right out of the gate.