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If over time, things become too difficult and intractable, then it would be advisable for HP to move forward with a formal SA.

All of this is new...fer cryin' out loud....they've just moved to the condo TWO days ago.

Wonka, I think there is a misunderstanding about a S agreement. The way I have done it, anyway. I had one in place before S. Not because things were adversarial, just to manage expectations. I didn't see the advantage of waiting until things fell apart before I addressed them. It doesn't have to be formal, mine's not. It's written, but not legal. It's just a plan, it's not the big deal it seems to be to some people.

It's like making a new year's resolution and writing it down. Not binding, not formal, but a plan that everyone knows about. Rules we can all play by to make our lives go smoother.

Maybe just the term "S agreement" is too formal itself. Maybe I should come up with a different term that has less baggage attached.

"Don't look back, you aren't going that way"