KGirl, you and I have such similar stories so I am always drawn to your thread, but I haven't been around in a while. When I read about your meet up to sign the papers, I see a glimmer of hope, although perhaps I shouldn't say that. I think you've done everything right at this point, and you've shown (him and yourself) you can be okay without him. And you ARE going to be okay. I think you've still both got a long road ahead, but your situation sort of strikes me as that "7 year itch" situation, where someone feels like by being married they are "sacrificing" some other potential life. Unfortunately, that [censored] and it hurts. But your H mgiht feel free now to go out there and pursue whatever "life" he feels he was missing, and he might soon find that there's nothing out there. Naturally, you may move on in the meantime, but you just never know..

I hope that actually makes sense but I'm a bit blurry today (literally.. my eye is really blurry, haha).

M: 31 H: 36
T: 10.5 (not married)
BD: 10/13