Already on day #2 there's negative contact with W...

Picked up s11 from school. He had an ok day but looked kinda down. Told him we would go explore the forest by the condo and he cheered up a little.

Got home and he started his homework. My phone rings. It is W. I decline the call.

She leaves an angry voice mail this time... "You are abso-f*cking-loutly insane if you think it's OK not to answer the phone when I call when you have my son! I cannot believe that no one will give me a call back and just let me know that he is okay! This is ridiculous HP! Grow the F*ck up and answer the phone when I call! Ridiculous!"

She also sent a text... "Would you call me and let me know how my son is. Or have him call me."

I asked s11 where his phone was. He said in his bag. I asked him to keep it with him in case he gets a call. Then she called him.

After a bit he says "mom wants to pick me up to take me to school in the morning. She will pick me up from school and bring me home too."

I made a mistake here. I probably just should have said yes. This was not what we agreed to though. I should have taken the phone. Instead I told s11 to tell is mom "no, that's not what we agreed to." This made s11 uncomfortable. I was wrong to have him do that.

He told her and she said she wanted to talk with me. He gave me the phone. I put on my best neighbor voice. She was calmer. I said that's not what we agreed. She said I since I was keeping him an extra day she wanted to see him tomorrow. I just said OK b/c I couldn't stand to speak with her for another second. I gave the phone back to S11.

Now both s11 and I feel nauseous.

I can't have it be like this every week. I will grow to hate her at this rate. I can barely speak with her. How can I make her understand for the 3rd time to not call me unless it is an emergency with s11?

I'm considering texting her... "We're going through a difficult time right now. You understand if I do not want to hear from you. I will ask S11 to call you before and after school."

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Me: 44
W: 45
S: 11
Married: 15
Together: 18
BD: 9/29/2014
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