Guess while I'm here I'll share what's going on these days.

MIL called me to invite me to visit her. I was really pleased by that and we made plans, and I spent a few hours with her yesterday. Had a very nice time and talked about all kinds of pleasant things, and nothing about H. Wish I could have gotten the boys to go, but they refused and they did just see her at Thanksgiving. They sat in the living room where she was so there was some quality time. I didn't want to stress myself by worrying about forcing them to go on this one visit.

Almost never see or hear from H (last time in person was his sister's Thanksgiving). He has moved in with a friend who's living here during the week and commuting home to Connecticut on weekends. I do not know where they're living or even what town. He texts me when necessary and has been sending money, $600 to cover half of some kids' dental expenses I had told him about, and he's sending $2000 this month for I don't know what. He just texted that he'd send $1K, or $2K if my bank balance was low. I checked and it was so I said it's low and he's sending $2K. That will help with the car repair and maybe I'll get the leaky dishwasher looked at.

He texted to ask for 6 months of internet and phone bills because his company reimburses him. Which is weird because I pay those bills and he's not even on the phone account, but I don't question it. Perhaps the extra money is for that and the medical expenses I've been paying out of pocket waiting to get to our deductible. It's been an expensive year since I don't have that handy flex credit card that pays with his money - that ended last year.

So in general, I don't ask but he offers and that's fine and nice.

I attended another divorce workshop, this one offered by my financial planner who I paid in full two years ago to advise for the divorce I haven't completed. I could probably teach a divorce workshop! I went because it would be another kick in the pants that this is much simpler than I'm making it out to be and get moving. It caused me to move my backpack of financial data out from under my desk and now it's under the kitchen table. LOL.

Parents have been healthy these days. Kids randomly make it to school, either one or the other and sometimes both. All their teachers email me complaints about their missing classtime and missing work. What fun. I try not to let it stress me out.

I love-love-love Christmas. It gets me through the beginning of winter. I feel so much joy at this time, and play 24/7 Christmas carols and sing along loudly. I have a beautiful tree that's on all hours. I'm even actually having a nice time wandering around the stores. I went to one Christmas party this weekend, the only one I was invited to which is just fine, and slightly noticed that I was the only non-couple there, but I didn't care and enjoyed talking to my friends there and being Christmasy in the beautifully decorated house.

Some of my friends are pressuring me to get moving on college visits. If you have had a 16 year old you've probably been through this. I'm trying not to let it stress me out too. No idea where the money's going to come from. Anyway, I think it'll be nice bonding time, maybe, to go visit colleges with the boys.

So that's the news from Lake Wobegone, and it's pretty good!

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