Hey there Bug!

I left all the universes except the real one, mostly, but check now and then. I read here most days, checking the news about people I care about. I suspect Floating isn't here and won't see my message, but thought I'd try.

14yo has good days and bad days, and currently more good days, if you don't count school attendance. I love those boys more than they could even imagine.

It's nice to hear from you. I hope your family is well and finding joy in the season!

Adinva 51, S20, S18
M24 total
6/15/11-12/1/12 From IDLY to H moving out
9/15/15-3/7/17 From negotiating SA to final D at age 50
5/8/17-now: New relationship with an old friend
Happiness is a warm puppy.