Hello. all. I am freaking out after a discussion with my H revealed that he is actively seeking an affair... or two, or three.... I NEED HELP! We live in the same house, and I don't see a way out of that. We usually have dinner together with our S14, and I can't even begin to imagine how to pull off the LRT under these circumstances. Regardless of anything between us, I will still be here, in the house, hanging out with my son before he gets on the bus every morning, usually making dinner when I get home, hanging out with him for at least an hour before he goes to bed, and generally being HERE. I am trapped, and as much as I think about escaping, I would never leave my son. I am embarrassed, ashamed, resentful, angry, and so, so hurting. How is the LRT possible in this situation???

Serenity NOW, Serenity NOW!!! LOL...

Me: 47
H: 41
S: 14
M: 19 years
T: 20 years