Last thread hit 11 pages, here's number 4. I've decided that angry is the way to go, because it's the only stage I haven't hit, yet.

Recap courtesy of my last thread:

Maybe I should run down all the reasons that I can't be with BF unless he does some serious personal changing:

- He cheated on me not once, but twice
- He left me to move in with another woman
- He lied about all of it, including that there was no one else, that he was sleeping with someone but not in an R with her, that he wasn't moving her into our apartment when I left, so on and so forth [now they're buying a house, golly gee, that was quick!].

Add to that that he only sees negative in all of the years he and I R'd and while he seems to think I'm an "amazing person" he's adamant that he and I together "just don't work".

Maybe not being angry at him is just stupid and I should start from there in my attempts to move forward "with or without" him, because from his perspective it's certainly going to be "without".

Tally ho.

ME: 38
BF: 40
T: 10y, no kids, no M (by choice)
BD: 7/14/14, BF admits to PA, wants out, lies about new R.
10/1/14: I move out, BF lies about move in with OW
12/4/14: OW confronted, reveals all the lies