Well so much for the PMA. I have been away working for last 9 days. Finally got home and I have the kids for the next 4 days. I was feeling really good excited to see and play with the kids.

Stepped in the house. W said I want to talk about something. I said okay. She wanted to talk about how to split up assets. She showed me a spreadsheet with our assets and how to divide them. I told her we could do this another time. She keep insisting. So I finally broke down and looked at it. She had so much stuff out of wack and estimated wrong so that she looks like fairly splitting assets were way off. I tried to stay calm but I started to show my anger. She left angry and it ruined me as I have been telling her that we should just talk about stuff instead of spending money with lawyers. And she has been saying that we can't talk about it.

So I ruined my chance to be calm and cool. Now that is all I can think about. I took my 3 D to see santa tonight and was hoping it would be fun but now all I can think about is how I screw'd up. I have to try not to let this wreck the rest of my days with the girls.

M:35 W 31
D's:6, 4 & 2
T:9 M:7
DP Served Dec.17/14