Wonka, I absolutely agree, it's the sinner's responsibility to repent. However, I would hope she would love me enough to help me with my alcohol addiction. The only other option for her would be divorce, and that certainly would be her right. Some people are able to break free from alcoholism with help, though. I hope she would try to get me help before calling it quits. Unless I was abusive, in which case I hope she'd kick me to the curb and never look back. I hate men that abuse women. But I digress. I saw evidence that exposure sometimes helped waywards break free from their affairs, and I wanted to help her. You may not agree with me, but I believe that unrepentant adultery is a sin that can keep someone out of heaven. I knew she might hate me, but I chose to expose the affair hoping that it would end her affair regardless of whether she came back to me immediately or not.

M 16 T 17
W moved in w/ AP (OW) 5/14
A discovered 6/14
D papers served via USPS 8/14
Filed my response 9/14
D final 5/15...