WMWB, I agree with Wonka on the Global Nuclear affair outing. It is most certainly a way to make sure you end a marriage.

Trust me, in the beginning stages when I was self righteously angry I thought about outing it on Facebook and everything. I could literally destroy her life in a few mouse clicks, but to what end? Because I'm angry and hurt? I'm going to destroy the person that I love more than anything in this world short of God...God, that was the answer. He would certainly not approve of me perpetrating any harm towards my wife no matter the reason. So, outing = bad.

Now, WMWB, I agree with you in a limited outing sense. There are people close to me in my inner circle that know the situation but not her family. At least not that I've told them.

The almighty Goat Goddess is wise. CC, don't throw in the towel yet.

Me 47 - W 35
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Discovery of EA- 8/4/14
S - 8/5/15
D mentioned - 9/11/14
R & Piecing - 3/17/15
Regard one another as more important than yourselves.
- Philippians 2:3