Things seems to have gotten better this week again. I laid out all our finances and said I would correct anything that required correction on the monetary side of things. She seemed to be ok with that.
Tonight we were having a good light conversation over a glass of wine. She gave me her foot to rub & I obliged.
Then she changed her direction and said "there's something I need to tell you but I don't know how and I don't think I'm ready yet because I still have to work it out in my head." So I told her, whenever you're ready I'm listening.
She said it's about my behaviour - that I have to grow up. I told her I was working on self improvement and self-awareness and every day is a school day for me.
But I didn't probe any more into what she was referring to. I'll just have to wait until she either finds a way to tell me or she decides it's not important enough to make an issue out of.

(I sometimes feel like asking if she's still in touch with OM and ask to see her phone if she denies it, but I think that would be highly counterproductive)

Then I reiterated that she is the most important person in my life and that I want us to grow old together. I told her she was the love of my life, and that she used to say I was the love of her life, and that I'd like to get back to that point. She said there's a lot of work for us to do to get there. I said I know and that I'm willing to do the work, but I'll be patient and wait. When she's ready I'll be there for her.

M: 59 W: 53
M: 9 yrs
T: 14 yrs
No kids together but D30(hers), S27, S24, D21(all 3 mine)
W moved out 11/18/2013
D-Day 12/14/2013
W moved back home 12/1/2014