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As a newcomer to the board - one month’s experience now - I was thinking about the basics whilst lying awake this morning and I remembered how I had difficulty interpreting what is often the first welcoming reply to a new thread by Cadet.

I don’t mean to be impertinent: after all everyone does a fantastic job here and you have helped so many people: it is very much appreciated. Anyway I have jotted down a few thoughts: I’m sure everyone will take them in the spirit intended.

I’ve just done a day’s UX work and thought I could bring to bear some of the thinking involved. UX? what is UX? UX stands for User eXperience. You see, if you don’t know what an acronym stands for, it gets in the way.

Welcome to the board

Get out and GAL.
I think some, in a confused state of mind, may interpret ‘get out’ as ‘get out of the marriage’, so perhaps ‘go out’ would be preferable and convert to GAL simply to ‘get a life (GAL)’.

I hadn’t read DB yet, so this was confusing for me. I think it could do with a brief explanation. I first thought of ‘free yourself from your current emotional entanglement’ but I’m sure others could come up with something better.

Believe none of what she says and half of what she does.


Take care of yourself, breathe, eat, sleep, exercise.

You are on moderation right now on the forum.
SO post in small frequent posts until you get off of it.

Your W is giving you a GIFT.

Again I was confused, time to what? All I knew was I felt despair. Perhaps stress something like time to step back, see who you are, sort yourself out and rebuild your life.

USE it wisely.

Knowledge is Power - Sir Francis Bacon

Hi odsnt

Thanks for the critique.

This post came from a much longer post that I put up on the MLC boards.
And I agree with you that it does not give as much direction or help as possible.
It is made to get you to start to think about DB.
And of course to bump up newbies threads to the top of the board.

Due to the way moderation works here, a brand new poster may be 6 pages back when their post finally surfaces from the queue.
So that is part of the reason I started to post this welcome.

Anyways I think you have valid ideas.
And I would also welcome you to post to as many newbies as possible and get them started on their journey.

Also I highly recommend that you or anyone else read my welcome post on the MLC board and do all the homework.
Here is a link to one of them

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