Hey Newbies!

Are you flailing about like a fish out of the water in the kiddie pool when it comes to validating with your WAS? No worries. Help is here now! In order to aid you in the process, here are some techniques and tips on proper validation through a Cheat Sheet for your perusal.

This thread is wide open to everyone here in the forums...newbies, vets, DBers, Coaches, Moderators, fairies, and the Big Cheese (aka MWD)...to add on and contribute.

We hope by the end of this tutorial, you'll be able to swim forward in the validation pool like a pro such as Mark Spitz/Michael Phelps or Missy Franklin thus winning the Gold Medal in Validation! grin

The key to a successful validation is mirroring back to what your WAS says when it comes to the issue and/or subject matter at hand..not with a grunt or a simple "ok." You would want to be really fully present and pay attention to the WAS with body face forward and eyes on them without any external distractions. If you're texting or emailing, take a step back and review & review & review it before hitting the "send" button. Once it is out, you cannot take it back.

If the WAS is feeling stressed out about, say, an upcoming job interview, you would want to give them a boost by saying statements such as "You'll ace it! I have confidence that you'll do really well!" A job promotion. A presentation at a conference. You get the idea. You want to be your WAS' biggest cheerleader which will put more love deposits in the love bank.

Pssst...here's a little dirty secret: You DO have influence on the WAS with your words, actions, attitude, and behavior.

Off we go in spreading some pixie dust! cool