Hey K,

Thanks for checking on me.
Everything is well.
The weather is nice where I am now. I have been walking on the lakefront and doing hiking trails a few times a week.

Last week I was somewhat down. This week is better. A year later and it's still a bit of a roller coaster ride.

My mom called me the other day to let me know something came in the mail for H.... she said she usually throws whatever comes for him away (lol smh), but she opened this one randomly. It was a notice saying something concerning the surgery he had a few weeks ago on his knee was not approved and he would have to fill out a form to have the issue looked at again. My mom wanted to know what she should do. I told her to email him about it or I an find his mailing PO Box address and she can send it. She chose the latter... which reminds me I still need to send her the address. Oops.

I felt a bit of guilt.... like I should text him and let him know about it. But I don't want to have any communication with him at all.

The other day I got a replacement phone because the one I had was having random issues. Before I turned in the old phone I looked at the old texts between H and I from this time last year after BD. I hadn't looked at them since they were initially sent.
All I could do was SMH reading my texts... I guess I was DBing by being nice to him and trying to handle everything in a classy manner... but I looked like a push over saying things like "let me know if there's anything I can do to help" concerning his move (after he left) etc...

I'm happy I wasn't angry towards him during the process.... but I feel like I am angry now and if I had got it out then maybe I wouldn't be this way now.

But I digress....

Back to your questions K---the roommate found an apartment as of June 1st and officially moved in today. I just feel sad for my dog now, he has to be alone at night again. I hate that I work at night and work just about every day.

Every week I am taking time to apply to other jobs, but no luck as of yet.

No news on the progress of the D.... about 3 weeks ago when H last called he said he had 5 weeks off and he wanted to get everything done.... well now he has 2 more weeks before he gets back to work. So I don't know if he has filed or not.

I how ever took it upon my self to print out all the documents the courts may ask for and filled them out over the weekend so that I am prepared and ready to go when he does email or call to tell me I need to do them.

Not much GAL, just going out to eat w/ the newly former roommate.

Sunday I am doing a 5k.

I finished paying my car loan off, all of my old furniture from the M is now out of storage so no more payment for that, and since H paid the car insurance for the rest of the year not having those things have freed up a bit of money for me. So that's wonderful.

This month I want to focus on making myself over.
I have a goal to lose 10lbs this month that I would really, really love to meet. After I do that I want to dye my hair for the first time. Get rid of some old clothes and buy some new stuff. I really want to start dating...or something. lol

We'll see...

me: 30 H:30
tgthr:7 m:4
no kids
5 counseling sessions initiated by H as a LR: Oct 2012
long distance marriage b/c of work since Nov 2012
official BD: July 2013
nothing filed
1/1/14 I dropped the rope