You know, since my WAW experience is still an open wound, perhaps my judgement is a bit off but a year and a half is a LONG time. I don't know, is there something wrong with me that I wouldn't want my wife back after that long. I feel as though once she sleeps with someone else...hasta levista baby...I already wasted 20 years with you...why would I go back after you sowed your wild oates? Maybe I'm bitter but I want her back before she's with another man...or she can stay gone. That's my limit for any R possibility. However I am SUPER PLEASED that you are happy and got your love back! I guess some people can move beyond that, I can't.

ME: 43 W:44
M 13 years on 5-5-01
T 18 years
BD 4/27/14
D papers served 5/5/14 (how appropriate a date)
WAW moved out 5/12/14
Papers filed 6/27/14
Divorce granted 07/17/14
Our marriage ends 11/17/14