Thanks 25, you stated clearer what I was thinking and feeling about my contact with her family. I do care about them and we do not discuss the situation.

Last Thursday the W and I had another talk in which she said she misses my family. I figured she did and I know they miss her. We have not been hostile to each other and probably have as healthy of a R you can have while separated.

I saw a reference to both TED talks in another thread and watched them a month ago. Very inspiring, both of them. I immediately bought Shawn's book "The Happiness Advantage" and have been working some of his systems for 30 days straight since I finished the book. His book has had a profound effect on me and the way I look at my life. I think it is a must read and for me helped me move farther along with myself. I have never felt this much internal happiness.

M:34 XW:34
Together: 10y
Living: 9y
Married: 7y
Son:6 Son:4
Separated: 12/28/13
Piecing: 5/2/14
Separated 2nd: 10/16/14
W filed, but pulled it: 11/5/14
papers served: 1/27/15
D final: 3/6/15