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So, have contact only about the children or business. Don't engage about other topics, and you need not be rude about that. Simply do not respond to those parts of his texts.

Only answer re: the kids or business. The rest? Either save it for the lawyers, ignore it totally, or tell him you're not prepared to discuss that "at this time". Maybe even ask "what's to discuss?"

His goals are plain enough for now, are they not?

There is no hassle free way to do it, no painless way thru this. But you can minimize your personal pain to an extent.

His goals are unclear at the moment to be honest, he wants to "be friends and see what happens" whilst we both work on ourselves but i've said i'm unwilling to do that whilst he's still in contact with the woman he slept with... i've left that with him.

I also struggle when he wants to talk about our sitch, do I just not talk about it or do I allow him to open up?

Thanks for your input 25yearsmlc.

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