Thank you for checking up! I have needed to come to this site less and less, mainly because I am finally happy and moving forward. This means that I am not looking to save my marriage anymore. Instead, I am looking for ways to bring happiness and success to me!

Although we are still "living" together as I write this, we did have a "talk" about him wanting to leave recently. I acknowledged his decision and told him that if he decided to do so, there are obligations he would need to respect since we bought this house together, like mortgage payments, house insurance, bills, etc, if he still wanted a portion of the profit from the sell of the house. This was not to his liking but after a heated debate, he acknowledged that he, like I, could not afford to be on our own and still take care of our obligations, not before selling the house. Therefore, we agreed he would stay. In my head, I was trying to understand where this was all coming from. Why did he, all of a sudden, decide he wanted out? Was it the OW? blah, blah, and I stopped in my thoughts and realized. It does not matter why... Think of you, be happy and good things will come...

It was later that I found out that, the OW is now pregnant! They decided to keep the baby, had planned to move in together by April. She was going to tell her husband about my H and the baby, after she filed for divorce and blah, blah. That was then, now, she tells my H, that although she wants the baby, she is not sure she wants him..hes angry, moppy, stressed, etc...but I have dissociated myself from all this negativity, and am looking out for me...I always come back to the moment when I feel my thoughts trail, take it day by day, and wish the universe would bring me a buyer for the house!

Me: 36
H: 36
No kids
EA/PA confirmed: 02-Jan-2014
Separate bedrooms/still living together