Today, I feel like I finally have gotten a grasp of what detaching IS. I am in such a calm and good place these last few days. He comes, he goes, he does things he wouldn't have done before, but I simply don't let that phase me or let his actions "touch" me. I've had three days of serenity now, no anger, no confusion, no crying or over thinking. I am sleeping like a champ, too! I'm content with myself and how I've handled the situation thus far. In the end, I've accepted his decision, and know that I will be okay when he leaves..

The LRT and GAL have really helped, honestly! Two months ago, when I picked up the DR book , I was desperately looking for a "solution", a fast fix to stop all this from happening. Today, I understand that the LRT and GAL is for me, just like everyone has been saying. Not to get him back or stop my M from crumbling..I also fully understand that I can't make him do what I want him to do, I can't fix this or him. I need to let "this" run its course. One day, he will see that this is a mistake but maybe NOT?!! Everything happens for a reason, so I am embracing this ME time , getting to know me, improving me, focusing on me, and know that I will be okay.. and this in turn has helped me , not only heal from the hurt, but also, understand the situation, what happened and why, without placing blame and forgiving myself at the same time.

Today, the sun is shining (although it's [censored] cold)and I see the light at the end of the tunnel, as they say..I will be okay and will be happy, if not happier than I've ever been..

Me: 36
H: 36
No kids
EA/PA confirmed: 02-Jan-2014
Separate bedrooms/still living together