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I am so angry right now!! I don't even know what to say or why. I mean nothings changed. I mean I come home. She is awake but is locked up in the spare room with one of our dogs (I guess her dog). I get settled in, decide to go take the other dog for a walk since who knows how long is been since she was taken out. Can see the light on in her room. Come back in, reset the wifi, just because I am assuming she was in there doing something on wifi. I can here the dog bouncing off the walls in there because he wants to come say hi. We have a service where through our cable company we can watch tv on our devices, I want to log into that and change the PW. I wont, since we are both paying for it.
[quote=D2ndday] It’s just that feeling like, What are you doing in there? No hello, no nothing. I am going to make something to eat I guess. What's funny is I came home with the intention of doing the same thing. Going to the workout room, and just isolating. For some reason it is pissing me off that she did I it first. I know I need to be patient through this process, but man, these emotions are strong. I am just feeling really alone. Its so heavy on my shoulders right now. This has just been a long day.

Now, I am going to be a little direct, but hear me out. Try to think of it this way... THEY are the WAS so why would they say hi? Why would she want to be around you when she only really wants to “walkway”? I always go back to analyzing (not rationalizing) their behavior based on things I read in DR or DB...this helps me understand that what I am feeling in the moment is normal (as hard as it is) and that this is the way a WAS should be acting, so it’s ok..I dissociate myself and try to look at it as if I am watching at a movie , and that this is the story unfolding, so I don’t get hurt (as much) and this way I don’t let it consume me..

Nevertheless, I completely understand too...lol!! Why does she get the right to lock herself up and ignore you? SHE is the one who “did something wrong”, right? The only way to handle this is to let it go. I know it is hard because you are living together but remember that this “feeling” will pass. See how you reacted to her and her actions? That is the way you want HER to react, right? So next time, you come in, don’t say hi, go work out, take your dog for a walk, as if this is what you would be doing anyway (as if)?

You are NOT alone. Hundreds of people on this site and out there are going through the same thing! WE will get through this, one way or the other...Stay strong...

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