trying to picture what it would "feel" like to be single/alone again. Alone, I don't mind; single kind of hurts cause I sooo wanted to have children by now. But i guess, everything happens for a reason

I have thought about that a lot. I guess what I have been doing when I start thinking about that, is bring myself back to the moment. It is so easy to sink deeper into that line of thought and for me, it does not feel good.

I can relate on the kids thing as well. I mean we had started trying this summer. I thought we had made up our minds, we were going to do this. Mentally I was ready, and everything was good to go, and then this. I mean just another plan that she wiped off the books, lol. [censored], I don't have anything better to say than that. Either it would not be appropriate language to say here, or I just cant go down the thought path.

I am trying to focus on me and my future

cheers to that!

together 11yrs
M 7 1/2yrs
lived together 10yrs
2dogs 2cats
Mortgage on a house

bomb dropped 01/12/14
Separate bedrooms/W stays here some nights
I want to stay married